WUAUCLT is dead (CMD)

Windows 10 has toombed yet another function within Windows, and now the ‘wuauclt’ command line tools is dead. To replace the old tool, Microsoft has created a brand new Windows Update tool called: ‘usoClient’.

The ‘usoClient’ is a part of the new Windows 10 Update Orchestrator family and is located in the System32 folder, and like ‘wuauclt’ the ‘usoClient’ can do a lot of cool Windows Update stuff.

Switch Description
StartScan Use this to Start Scan
StartDownload Use this to Start Download of Updates
StartInstall Use this to Install Downloaded Updates
RefreshSettings Use this to Refresh Settings if any changes were made
RestartDevice Use this to Restart the device to finish the installation of Updates
ScanInstallWait Use this to Combine Scan-Download-Install
ResumeUpdate Use this to Resume Update Installation On Boot

The ‘day-to-day’ Update Orchestrator actions are controlled from Task Scheduler -> Microsoft -> Windows -> UpdateOrchestrator

Happy updating.

Source: omgdebugging.com