PrintUI (CMD)

Add and remove local printer and driver through the command line. Can be used in scripts or packages. Before adding the printer, setup port and restart the Print Spooler service.

Bootable USB Flash Drive (CMD)

A quick guide to make an USB Flash Drive bootable. This is usefull if you use Microsoft Windows installation images.

Open Command Prompt as an Administrator.

Now the USB flash drive is ready for a Windows installation image

Source: Microsoft

Remote Assistance

Start Remote Assistance in Windows from the Command Line. You can also request help or offer your skills as an expert.

Create a shortcut and enter first command line, shown above, as the target. Remember to elevate/run as if you are using differenced user accounts

ICACLS examples (CMD)

Here are a few examples of the most common Icacls commands, that I use in Command Shell, to give further access.

For a complete list of ‘Well-known security identifiers’ (SIDs) please visit Microsoft.

Note: Icacls are build into Windows Vista, Windows 7 & Windows 8 and equivalent Windows Servers

Set ComputerName in TS (CMD)

Change the “Computer” or “This PC” to %COMPUTERNAME% in a Task Sequence.

Use SetACL, by Helge Klein, to change owner, set appropriate permissions on the registry key and after changing the registry key, releasing the key back to the system.

Place the appropriate SetACL.exe and the script below, together with the registry key and execute from TS.

This script has only been tested on Windows 7, x64, through a TS