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Here are some of the great Azure AD tools needed once in a while, but you keep forgetting:

Account portals

Microsoft 365 portals

Azure portals

Health or Status portals

Other portals

If you are using these links in an organization with SSO enabled, you may need to use the links in an “InPrivate/Incognito ” session, to be able to use the correct user identity.

Source: Administrator Portals | Microsoft Portals (

Microsoft Office 365 Languages

A method to create and install the basic Office containing only the English language and the add more languages later through separate deployments.

Below is an example of a language.xml file, here are some Scandinavian languages added.

It’s also possible to use the MatchOS parameter. This will install the same language for Office as running on the OS. Use the fallback or AllowCdnFallback if running in an multi-language environment to minimize the number of languages.

Microsoft Office 365 Click-to-run – language.xml

Custom xml file for a Microsoft Office 365 Click-to-run additional language installation. This will add selected languages to an already existing Office 365 installation.

Note: The first language in the list will be the language that the existing Office Start Menu items will be transformed into. In this example, the Start Menu shortcuts for Skype for Business, OneDrive for Business and the Tools folder will be translated into Swedish.

Microsoft Office 365 Click-to-run – add.xml

Custom download and install xml file for a Microsoft Office 365 Click-to-run installation. This is configured to use the new Microsoft Office update channel and is SCCM integrated and without OneDrive.

Note: And as usual, the ability to pin the Office icons to the taskbar, is only available for the users that is running the installation.

Microsoft Office 365 Click-to-run – remove.xml

Custom remove.xml for uninstalling the Microsoft Office ProPlus 365 Click-to-run product.

To remove all Click-to-run installations.

Office Installer settings

This is a two-part job. First configure the setup installation package for the client computer and afterwards create a Group Policy with additional settings.


Run “setup.exe /admin” and change the following sections.



Additional content:

Group Policy

Launch ‘Group Policy Management’ or other Group Policy Management tool.