InstallShield Error Codes (Setup.log)

In the ‘Setup.log’ file, usually found in the installation source folder,┬ásystem folder or root drive,┬álocate the ‘ResultCode’ line.

List of InstallShield install Return Codes or ‘ResultCodes’ if you will:


0 Success


-1 General error
-2 Invalid mode
-3 Required data not found in the Setup.iss file
-4 Not enough memory available
-5 File does not exist
-6 Cannot write to the response file
-7 Unable to write to the log file
-8 Invalid path to the InstallShield Silent response file
-9 Not a valid list type (string or number)
-10 Data type is invalid
-11 Unknown error during setup
-12 Dialogs are out of order
-51 Cannot create the specified folder
-52 Cannot access the specified file or folder
-53 Invalid option selected

Source: IT Ninja